Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike Review

If there’s one thing that can be said about the Dahon lineup, it’s that they never disappoint when it comes to quality, the overall design and the feel of the bikes they make. Being one of the oldest folding bike manufacturers in the world, the Dahon lineup is one of the most famous folding bike producers on the planet. One of the things they’re most notable for that you’ll see on the Mariner D7 is that they have extra high seating. This is to allow a broad range of people use their bikes, including tall customers that may not be able to use them otherwise.

There’s only one real problem with a lot of Dahon bikes though that a lot of people fret at. The problem is, a lot of people see the pricing point of these bikes and immediately turn away. Here’s the thing you have to remember though, Dahon bikes are made to last, significantly longer than bikes that cost a fraction of the cost less. They don’t simply slap their brand on their folding bikes and charge you more because of that, they charge more because they know their quality of signature bikes holds up and no competition even comes close.

Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike

Design & Style

Dahon doesn’t exactly have one fit of style or any kind of significant thing they go for when they design these bikes. The unique style comes from the fact that they try to design all of their bikes in a unique way. When you look at the Mariner D7, you’ll notice that the handlebars and the seat post can be adjusted to an almost hilariously tall height level. I’m not sure if they’re shooting for a 7 foot tall demographic or if they just wanted to make sure that people that tall could use it. They love to include their brand and logo on the bike somewhere though, usually on the framework.

Comfort & Durability

One of the main things you never need to worry about when you’re investing into a Dahon folding bike is the overall comfort level of the bike. When you get a Dahon, you needn’t worry because they always invest great money into the overall seating structure and quality of their bikes. The seating position doesn’t look like anything special but it feels like you’re sitting on a cloud when you sit down and the front resting handlebars aren’t too far off so you won’t have to lean too much to get maximum momentum while pedaling.

Why Should You Select This Folding Bike over Others

There’s a lot that can be said as to why you should buy not only this particular style of folding bike but any kind of Dahon folding bike over others. First and foremost is the craftsmanship that goes into every single one of their bikes. You don’t get another run of the mill transaction, you’re getting a hand-crafted bike that had a lot of passion and effort put into the bike. You don’t have to worry about parts being cheaply screwed together, poor welding job or anything else like that.

Also, the tires are always up to par and made to last. Even if you’re a relentless rider who is used to be wreaking havoc on your tires, you’ll find that they’ll stand your test of time and then some. Not only that but if you ever need to change your tires for whatever reason, they’re easy to change and generally cheap. You shouldn’t have to change your tires for years to come though, even if you are a regular rider.

Features of Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike

Folding Time – One of the best things about this bike that we appreciate is the amount of time it takes to fold. We pride ourselves on having bikes that fold up in a flash. This bike can fold up in 15 seconds or less, more than likely 10 seconds or less once you get used to operating the folding mechanism.

Lightweight It’s highly versatile and lightweight when you’re transporting the bike around. Dahon is known to use a lot of heavy materials when they’re creating their bikes but this bike is surprisingly lightweight. You can easily take it on a bus, a taxi, inside a store, etc.

Fenders – Not only does this folding bike come with fenders but this bike comes with high quality fenders and what’s known as derailleurs. These not only help protect the overall quality of the bike but they also help ward off unnecessary damage to the frame of the bike when your tire treads are picking up unnecessary objects that it finds while you’re out biking.

Tubing – Not only is the frame very durable with what’s known as 7005 aluminum, there’s also some custom drawing on the frame and there’s different patented technologies infused into the creation of the bike so that you will never have to worry about the bike’s frame caving in or bending.

Fast Shifting – This bike comes with fast shifting capabilities and it offers a very crisp ride. Dahon has always been known for quick shifting and for quickly going from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds and this bike is no different. It also comes with that low profile design along with the shifter technology that allows the bike to remain silent while you’re gaining momentum or speed.


  • This bike despite having all of these high quality materials built into the framework and everywhere else on the bike, only weighs up to 26 pounds

  • The bike’s overall dimensions are also pretty incredible as it’s only 33 inches by 11 inches by 22 inches total which makes storage mighty convenient

  • Comes equipped with an aluminum frame that was specially made for this bike and a couple of other Dahon products and was durable enough to have a quality guarantee that it will never break

  • High quality fenders are attached to the bike and they’re very durable along with acting as highly protective barriers that will make sure anything that gets flung up by the wheel stays within the wheel or is deflected off

  • Easily stored among a bus, a train, in your own home, in your work office or anywhere that you go

  • Easily folds up in a matter of 15 seconds or less, with the time becoming quicker as you get used to folding it


  • The main and only real con of this bike is the pricing point because most Dahon bikes are a bit more on the expensive side but they’re worth it

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What’s the weight capacity for this bike?

A: This bike supports a lot of different weight capacities and people up to 250 pounds can enjoy the bike without a problem. You should always check out the manufacturer specifications though because they sometimes change the specifications for public viewing.

Q: What kind of material is used on the fenders?

A: While the material of the fenders is made of plastic, they look like metal and they’re very high quality. The fenders don’t break easy and can withstand a lot of abuse, even though they’re not metal.

Q: What kind of paint is done on this bike?

A: When you receive your bike, you’ll get a brushed aluminum bike just as it’s displayed on the Dahon manufacturer website.


Should you buy this bike? Absolutely. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual rider, if you’re tall, if you’re short, if you’re heavy, if you need something to get you to and from work, etc. It’s a bit more on the expensive side when it comes to bikes but you’re definitely investing in a long term bike that will last for a long time to come. This bike comes well worth the price tag and comes well reviewed as well, so you know you’re getting something that’s well worth the money.

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