Downtube Folding Bike | 9FS Review

As compared to normal bikes, folding cycles need more suspensions because of the great maneuverability and harshness of the terrain they have to bear. The Downtube Folding Bike 9FS is no exception to this and is one of the top selling folding bikes of 2016. It has a nice and sleek design with an integrated threadless headset; a front derailleur brazes that offers 27-speed capability, head tube and seat tube and much more to benefit from. While it may seem to you that the Downtube Folding Bike 9FS is priced quite high, but it is worth the investment.

Downtube Folding Bike | The Inception

You can ride it on long journeys with ease without even needing all of its speed. It features a rock solid construction that makes it durable and able to withstand the roughness of any type of terrain. For an easy maneuverability, its handlebars are made wider. Although the Downtube 9FS folding bike has a flat profile frame and small wheels that may seem like a drawback, it delivers you a super comfortable experience with an unmatchable performance. You’d simply love to ride this bike again and again. Below I have shared my honest review on Downtube 9FS folding bike, highlighting its features in detail.

During the last few months, the Downtube 9FS folding bike has gained a lot of popularity. It has an acquired a great portion of the market in North America and the most commonly sold models are with 16 and 20-inch wheels with full suspensions. The price is kept very reasonable with 9-Speed Derailleur gear system for a smooth and comfortable experience on your journey.

downtube folding bike

Downtube Folding Bike | Review of 9FS Foldable Bicycle

1: Specifications

  • 20-inch wheels with the front tire officially from the Kenda Kwest and also a heavy duty tire at the rear that too from Kenda.
  • For a comfortable ride, there are front and rear suspensions installed and a conventional spring unit at the back of the cycle.
  • The 9-Speed derailleur gives you the freedom to pedal your Downtube 9FS folding bike to a thrilling speed.
  • Exclusive V-Brakes on the front and rear tires that bring the bike to equilibrium with ease.
  • It takes a few seconds to fold the bikes.
  • Foldable pedals to easily store it anywhere you want.
  • Folded size 90cm x 68cm x 36cm.

2: Out of the Box

The Downtube 9FS folding bike comes in a cardboard box in folded form. This box is sturdy and won’t damage the frame of your bike. The bike is well furnished and has polished metal components giving it a nice and sleek touch. Handlebar has to be adjusted to your desired height after unfolding. You can also adjust the seat. Always read the instruction manual before unfolding the bike.

3: Frame

To ensure that the bike goes smoothly on any terrain, it has an aluminum frame that makes it a lightweight model for you. It boasts a white finish that would show up dirt in future, but you can always choose the orange and black color. Its suspensions result in its cross bar being higher. Overall it looks well-made and strong and has a bit of flexibility as well.

downtube folding bike

4: Suspensions

It boasts full suspension folder featuring a Zoom front fork and a mechanical spring in its rear shock. A lot of users say that the rear shock is quite stiff, however; you can always adjust the preload as per your needs to adjust the shock to an acceptable stiffness. Even if you are a heavy rider, you will still need to adjust the stiffness of its spring else it will feel unpleasantly stiff.

5: Gears

The Downtube 9FS folding bike features nine-speed derailleur system and has a cassette of 11-32 tooth type. The front has a single 46 tooth chainring that gives the gear a range of 29-86 inches and is ideally perfect. You can easily adjust the chainring using the gear shifters on the top of the handlebar.

6: Brakes

This Downtube Folding Bike features V-Brakes that are affixed to the front and rear tires with some nice and sleek levers on the bars. These are adjustable! The brakes are perfectly adequate and pretty much easy to control. You can pedal it at your optimum speed and apply the brakes comfortably.

7: Fitting & Extra Accessories

It has a plush saddle and is fitted on a micro-adjust stem that makes it easier for you to adjust the angle and lateral position. You can also adjust the seat post for a comfortable height. Overall the bike has plenty of downward adjustment options. The folding pedals have a standard design while the handlebars are quite straight at a slight angle to make your hand position comfortable. The grips on the handlebar are soft and can be easily changed. You can put some duct tape around the grips if you have any issue.

8: Folding

The folding mechanism is straightforward similar to that of Dahon Folding Bike. However, you can always refer to the instruction manual to see how to fold the bike. Generally, it takes about 30-45 seconds to fold and unfold it, thus saving you a lot of time. The aluminum frame makes it light in weight and allows you to fold it easily and carry it to the subways and metro stations with ease. It is important to note here that it may take you more than a minute unless you are used to it.

downtube folding bikes


Overall, the 9 FS Downtube Folding Bike is a great bargain for you and with hundreds of satisfied customers across the globe. It gives a great impression on the road and is lighter as compared to many folding bikes in the industry. It is available at a very reasonable price with free shipping offers. The only drawback it may have is that there is no back carrier. Else there is nothing that would stop you from buying the Downtube 9FS folding bike. Check out its price, more details, and real user reviews and experience on Amazon today.

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