Riding on the mountains gives you an unmatched adrenaline rush. It is difficult to get that excitement and feeling anywhere else and nothing can substitute the experience of speeding downhill or struggling to scale an elevation of 30 degrees.

We have special mountain bikes to blaze the trails of the hills and they have become quite popular among the adventurers and riders. But still there was one difficulty that remained

how do you carry the bikes easily to the mountains or the camping grounds?

The answer is easy! You go for a folding mountain bike which can be turned into a compact unit and put in the trunk of your car. A wide range of models and designs of folding mountain bikes are available, and we have made a list including the best among them.

But before we go into it, there is something else you should know.

What to look for in a Mountain Bike?

A mountain bike is different from a normal bike, as it is meant to be used on a different terrain and riding conditions. So here are the things to look out for-


You will find frame materials of many types like aluminum, steel, carbon fiber and others. While most of them are more or less sturdy, there is a difference between their weights.

You do not want your mountain bike to be too heavy as it is not suitable for such conditions. So look for a frame that is durable and at the same time, lightweight.


Many hardcore mountain bike riders opt for bikes without any suspension. That may give some advantage to the riding, but makes the experience really uncomfortable.

So go for full suspension system but try to choose a bike which has rigid suspension which is helpful for hilly terrains.


Riding uphill is not an easy job and takes a toll on your knees. Choose a mountain bike with gear system as it makes the job easy. You can also use the gears to optimize your speed depending on the terrain you are riding.

Extra Considerations for Folding Mountain Bikes

  • Make sure that the folding mechanism is foolproof and doesn’t make the frame weak.

  • Check out how much space the bike takes up after it is folded to ensure it fits the trunk of your car.

  • Try out the folding mechanism to determine its ease and the time taken to do it.

The 7 Best Folding Mountain Bikes Recommendation

1. GTM 26" 7 Speed Folding Mountain Bike Bicycle Shimano Hybrid Suspension MTB

We rarely come across a bike which is manufactured maintaining high quality standards while being light on your pockets. The GTM 26” mountain bike is one of the best foldable mountain bikes built to take the rough terrains like a pro.

GTM 26

Top Features GTM 26inch Speed Folding bike

Folding Steel Frame

The high quality steel frame can be folded very easily and put in the back of your car. The 26 inch frame turns into a compact package when you fold it making it really compact.

Made for the Mountains

The design and make of the bike is fit for mountain trails and terrains and you should definitely take it for a spin in such areas. The suspension, frame, sitting position and wide tires prove their worth when you take it out of the city for some adventure.

Superior Steel Suspension

You will not find many foldable mountain bikes with steel suspension and moreover, at this price. The suspension system works well under stress and makes the bumpy roads feel smooth and easy.

7 Speed Shimano Gears

The gears shift quite smoothly and gather speed more quickly than you expect. The gear setting also allows you to take on the mountains with ease without breaking a sweat.

With Shimano, you can always shift with confidence!


  • It weighs only 38 lbs so you can carry it around without any difficulty

  • The handlebars and seating height can be adjusted making room for riders of all stature

  • It comes 90% assembled from the factory so that you need not put in any effort

  • Affordable yet durable, made from high quality materials

  • Fit for casual or everyday use around the city


  • The gears may malfunction if you shift them too fast

  • The tires are not very high quality

  • Not suitable for extreme sports or adventure riding


The GTM 26” 7 Speed Folding Mountain Bike is one of the best entry level bikes in the category. The quality is really amazing when you consider the price and the steel frame and suspension adds to the plus points.

It is best for beginners who want to try the mountain trails riding something reliable and easy to operate. It performs really well and you should not hesitate to give it a try if you want something that is affordable, high quality and durable while being easy on your pockets.

2. Stowabike 26" MTB V2 Folding Dual Suspension 18 Speed Shimano Gears Mountain Bike

This is another bike which you can go for if you are a novice. Designed for riding in the mountains, it also takes on the traffic smoothly giving you enough confidence to zoom past thanks to the 18 speed Shimano gears.

It also doesn’t require you to spend a lot. So, it’s another affordable product in our list.

Stowabike 26

Features of stowabike 26 folding bike

18 Speed Shimano Gears

You will not find many foldable mountain bikes in this range coming with 18 speed shifters. It’s a great advantage and makes riding on any road a breeze. You can tackle rough terrains and tarmac surfaces adjusting the gears according to your riding situations.

Shimano let’s you ride fast and easy!

Compact Folding Size

You will forget that it is a 26” bike when you fold and store it in the trunk of your SUV. Although it is made from durable steel, it is really easy to handle and even not that heavy as it is supposed to.

We thank the engineers at Stowabike for this!

Durable Steel Frame and Dual Suspension

The frame of the bike is made from industry grade steel and the same goes for the fork and suspension. The choice of material might make the bike a bit heavy, but this makes it really durable and equipped to take on challenging roads with ease.

The suspension works really and along with the comfortable seat, you do not feel any jerks or bumps on the way!

Wide Wanda Tires

The bike comes with Wanda 26×1.95 tires which are perfect for the mountain trails and off road. It provides a wonderful grip and ensures safe riding all the time.


  • The 18 speed gears make it suitable for riding on different road surfaces, especially on off roads

  • It becomes really compact when folded, so you need not worry about storing or carrying it

  • The dual suspension offers you a smooth and stable ride

  • It is very easy to assemble the bike


  • The seating position may be a bit high for short riders

  • The steel parts make it a bit heavy


The bike rides like a charm for the casual riders who want something easy and reliable to move around. It is really heavy duty considering the price tag, and you cannot make any mistakes with this Sotwabike.

It is a decent foldable mountain bike which is even suitable for riding in city conditions. If you want value for your money, look no further and buy this one!

3. VEVOR Folding Bicycles 26 Inch Full Suspension Folding Mountain Bike 21 Speed Shimano Gears Mountain Bike With Disc Brakes

Now we have something that features a killer look and comes with everything you might need in a foldable mountain bike. The Vevor folding mountain bike gives you no reason to stay away from it and it can be the best ride for commuting in the city and pedaling through the mountains alike.

VEVOR Folding Bicycles 26

Features of VEVOR Folding Bicycle

Versatile Frame Design

The strong steel frame is designed to be suitable for young and adults both offering a riding position which is comfortable for riders of all height. The folding frame is easy to operate and takes less than 1o seconds to fold or unfold.

Alloy Wheels

The bike comes fitted with MG alloy 3 wheels which are more reliable than spokes when it comes to riding over challenging terrains. Along with a better performance you also get amazing style which turns heads as you ride past.

Disc Breaks

How quick you can stop really makes the difference between life and death when you are riding down an inclined mountain road with deep plunging gorges. Equipped with dual disc brakes, this bike ensures you stop instantly even when you are riding at high speed.

Adjustable Seat and Handlebar Position

You can customize your ride according to your needs and optimize the bike as you wish. No matter if you are short or tall, you can ride the bike with ease and confidence.


  • Suitable for riding in both off road and city conditions

  • The dual disc brakes make it really safe to ride

  • The 21 speed gear is perfect to tune your ride according to the terrain

  • Stylish and comes with great looks

  • Affordable, does not burn a hole in your pockets


  • You may need a professional to assemble the bike properly

  • There are few compromises on quality to make the bike affordable


The Vevor folding mountain bike will not disappoint you if you are looking to have fun riding on different road conditions. But extreme sports enthusiasts may not find this one suitable to handle the kind of terrain they deal with.

That being said, it is great for kids and also adults who want something less costly yet are not ready to compromise on the features. With 21 speed gears, alloy wheels and disc brakes, this is surely a good deal for you.

4. Camp Alloy 26" Folding Bike 21 Speed Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Rocky

This one is costs a bit more than the bikes we have listed so far, but that is because it is one of the most rugged and sturdy mountain bikes you can buy.

Another great plus of this mountain bike is that it can be folded very easily, all within 1o to 15 seconds. You may need a little practice, but that’s what it all takes!

Camp Alloy 26

Features of Camp Alloy Folding Bike

Easy to Fold and Carry

Though the thing weighs over 40 lbs, it makes up for the weight through the simple and quick folding mechanism. It becomes really compact once folded, and you can conveniently put it in the back of your car or in the small space in your garage without any problem.

Alloy Brakes and Rims

The safety features of this bike are really high and it employs a alloy disc braking system to stop you where you want.

The wheels are not alloy ones, and that makes the bike shed some of its weight. Instead you get the double wall alloy CNC rim with spokes which makes for a durable wheel when you are off-roading.

Easy to Assemble

The foldable mountain bike comes 90% assembled from the factory and you only need to do some minor setup before it’s really to roll out. It is also equipped with a quick release from wheel and makes things easy for the rider.

21 Speed Gears

The gears shift amazingly smooth and helps you attain the speed you want without sweating it out. It also makes the inclined roads of the mountain easy on your knees.


  • The cycle is really easy to assemble and can be done without professional help

  • It folds and unfolds quite quickly

  • Storage and transport is hassle free as the bike folds to be a compact structure

  • Foldable pedals provide the icing on the cake

  • An extra mudguard is provided in the package for free

  • The dual suspension gives you a bump free ride


  • The quality of the mudguard is not very satisfactory

  • It may need a little practice to get used to the folding/unfolding technique

  • Some people may find the bike to be heavy


It is a good quality bike which can be handled without much difficulty. The ride is smooth and capable, whether you are going over metal roads or rocky terrains. Folding it also works like a charm and the compact size makes sure that it adjusts to small spaces.

If you want a safe and reliable option to ride in cities, take to the camps, or invade the hills – go for this one.

5. Montague Paratrooper Pro Folding Bike Review

Now this is something straight out of some sci-fi movie! Originally developed by the US military, its folding design has earned a patent for allowing soldiers to strap it `around their chest and jump off from a plane with a parachute.

It is a tactical mountain bike and can be easily used for military assignments and its precision makes it perfect for intense riding.

Montague Paratrooper Pro Folding Mountain Bike

Features of Montague Paratrooper Pro Folding Bike

Frame Assembly for Quick Dismantling

You will not require more than 20 seconds to fold or dismantle the bike. The patented quick release system of the front tire eliminates the need of any tools.

Folding Integrated Technology (FIT)

The main frame does not separate when you fold the bike, and this frees it from any vulnerability. The patented FIT system was made for riding on the mountains at top speeds and do not compromise on safety.

Suspension Lock System

The performance of the bike can be increased while you are riding on a smooth terrain by locking the front suspension. The fork becomes static giving you ease of movement and speed.

Other Features

-The 27 speed shifters are quick, responsive and give you control over your riding

-XP disc brakes make you stop without any fuss

-CST Critter Knobby tires offer great speed and agility on both on road and off road conditions


  • It is lighter than other mountain bikes of this stature thanks to its aluminum frame

  • Made to perform equally well on tarmac, soil, dirt, mud, grass and other terrains

  • The stiff suspension and responsive braking system make it ideal for hilly roads


  • The extended functionalities of the bike make it a bit bulky

  • You cannot adjust the position of the handlebars

  • It is really expensive


The Montague Paratrooper Pro folding mountain bike is an investment. It is made to do its job and will not fail you even under the harshest riding conditions. It is something that will last for years to come and beyond, so your hard earned money is not going to go to waste.

It is versatile, all-rounder and offers unmatched performance on different terrains. It is of top notch quality and a thought out design and amazing craftsmanship make it stand out from the rest of its competitors.

Go for it without any second thought!

6. Columba 26" Folding Bike w. Shimano 18 Speed Silver (SP26S_SLV)

We have a bike that performs without any glitch and offers considerable satisfactory riding experience both in the city and hills. The folding does not take more than 10 seconds and can be safely put in the trunk of your car or anywhere in your home.

It also comes in attractive colors of black, blue, silver and yellow. So take your pick!

Columba 26

Features of Columba 26" Folding Bike

Shimano 18 Speed Gears

Shimano 18 rate shifter and derailleur gives the bike enough control over the speed. You can tweak the shifter to make your ride comfortable while scaling a hill or to gain speed while riding down an open road.

Reliable Braking

The alloy front and rear “V” brakes make the mountain bike stop where you want it to.

Wide Tires

The 26” wheels with Kenda tires provide suitable traction on rough terrains and transform to offer you speed while riding on tarmac.

The alloy rims makes for a reliable and sturdy wheel that can handle rough terrains without any compromise.


  • With a net weight of 34 lb it is really lightweight to be carried around with ease

  • It comes with a quick detachable front handle stem

  • Can be folded and unfolded quickly

  • Suitable for commuting, riding in camping grounds and parks and hilly terrains

  • Comes 90% assembled from the factory itself


  • The brakes are not that strong and may require professional servicing

  • Not suitable for very tall people


If you want to buy a folding mountain bike which is simple and easy, this makes a good choice. The Columba folding bike comes with everything that you will need in a mountain bike, and leaves no room for any complaints.

If you are apprehensive about the saddle height, a separate long seat post can be purchased to compensate for your tall height. It is also easy to assemble, making it a good purchase for its price tag.

7. Kent Thruster KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike, 26-Inch

Now we have something that cannot be folded! The Kent Thruster is one hell of a mountain bike which is really popular among the riding enthusiasts. It comes from a company with a long reputation of making the best bikes, and this model also follows the same trend.

Kent Thruster KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Features of Kent Thruster KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike, 26-Inch

Aluminum Frame

Mountain bikes should be lightweight, and Kent used an aluminum frame in this bike to make it sturdy and also to keep the price affordable. Aluminum is known for its strength, while the weight makes it perfect for easy transport and better riding.

Shimano 21 Speed Gears

The number of gears is adequate for a bike of this price and helps you pull along equally well while going uphill or riding a level terrain. It shifts smoothly and is responsive enough to match your pedaling to give you the required speed.

Reliable Brakes

You are not going anywhere without your brakes, and this one comes with a disc brake in the front and a traditional linear pull brake for the rear wheels. You can do your hard braking using the disc in the front and use the rear ones for extra stopping power.


  • The lightweight aluminum frame makes it one of the best mountain bikes

  • The price is really affordable considering the quality and make

  • The 21 speed gear system is a delight to ride and shift

  • It sports a cool look and the blue walls on the tires add to the beauty

  • The alloy wheel rims make for a strong and sturdy foundation on which your bike rolls along

  • Dual suspension compensates for the bumps and holes on the road


  • The rear wheels do not have disc brakes

  • It does not come with a kickstand


Not everyone wants to buy a foldable mountain bike. For them the Kent Thruster KZ2600 can be one of the best choices. It is a rugged, high quality mountain bike which is meant for both long and short distance riding over any kind of terrain you can imagine.

It is also affordable and does not require you to burn a hole in your pockets. If you want a traditional mountain bike without the folding operation, think no more and place your order.

Recommended Accessories for Folding Mountain Bikes

There are few accessories which you should consider purchasing with your mountain bike to make the experience safe and more enjoyable. So include the following in your list if you can-

Light and Reflectors

If you plan to ride during night time, it is a must to equip your bike with reflectors, backlight and a strong headlight. The fittings ensure that drivers of other vehicles can spot you in the dark and avoid any collisions.

You will also need a bright headlight to navigate through the dark when you are riding without the presence of any street lights.

Helmet and Riding Gear

Riding any two-wheeler comes with the risk of suffering a fall. To reduce the chances of any injury opt for good quality helmets, knee pads and other safety gear.

Do not go out without wearing them, especially if you are off-roading or riding on rough terrains.

Portable Bike Pump and Puncture Repair Kit

If you are planning to ride for days where you will find no servicing shops, consider purchasing a portable pump and a mini puncture repair kit to carry along on your adventures.

This will save you from getting stuck or dragging your cycle when you have a puncture. Of course, first you need to train yourself on basics of bike maintenance.

Optional Accessories

  • Get a good bike lock so that you can leave your bike in the open without any worries

  • It will be useful to mount a water bottle rack on your cycle which will help you carry water on your trips

  • A pair of riding glasses can help when you are facing a bright sun or riding in dusty conditions