Ford by Dahon Convertible 7 Speed Folding Bicycle

When you take once glance at this bike by Dahon, we believe that the design and the style will speak for itself. If you’re not a Ford fan, you’re probably not going to be a huge fan of this bike and you should probably keep looking but don’t neglect the overall quality of this bike because of a logo. The only real thing that should deter people who hate Ford is the Ford logo on the bike but it doesn’t mean the performance of the bike suffers because of that. This bike comes with a decent price tag, so what kind of performance does it offer, does it hold up to other folding bikes and what kind of punch does it pack?

First off, this bike does include 7 different speeds from the get go and the design isn’t anything particularly special but this bike is incredibly fast if you want it to be. It takes a bit of effort to get it going on the 7 speed setting but you better be ready to ride if you get this thing going. The overall design seems pretty standard and you wouldn’t notice that it’s a Ford theme design if it didn’t have the Ford logo attached to it.

Ford Dahon Fold bike
foldable ford dahon photo

Design & Style

The overall design of the bike seems rather plain but there is the obvious Ford logo that’s bold and right in your face, as it sits right there on the framework of the bike. Other than that, there’s one other logo that sits near the rear wheel and again, it’s on the framework of the bike. The frame is kind of narrow and almost looks like a cardboard box design but it’s highly durable. The design was built to withstand a lot of shock and a lot of pressure so you won’t have to worry about this bike going out on you anytime soon. Especially with the Dahon quality guarantee that comes with most of their folding bikes.

Comfort & Durability

One of the things we always praise Dahon bike for is their durability. When they make a bike, you can rest assured that it’s going to be highly durable and it’s going to be comfortable. The aluminum framework, while it is aluminum is highly durable and doesn’t cave in easy to weather, shock, long term usage or other factors that usually wear down other folding bikes relatively quick. The bike has to be durable and comfort with the various 7 different speed settings that come attached to the bike.

Why Should You Select This Folding Bike over Others

When you first glance at this bike, you probably think that the price might be a little higher than you’d find on other folding bikes and you probably think that it might not be worth it but you’d be wrong. This bike holds up compared to other folding bike on the market and comes with a lot of different functions to make up for that price. Sure, the Ford logo surely added some value to the bike and inevitable made the price go up but that’s not really the only thing that made this bike worth the price.

First, there’s the rear rack feature of the bike that allows for storage and transportation of things as long as you have something to attach to that rear rack. There’s also the braking system which consists of very heavy duty alloy brakes. These brakes can stop on a time with no problem what so ever and not only that but sudden braking doesn’t cause them to strip like it does in other bikes. We also highly prefer this bike because while it only has 7 different speeds, they vary greatly and will challenge even the most expert of riders on the highest speed.

Features of Ford by Dahon Convertible Folding Bike

Dahon Manufactured – This company should need no introduction as one of the premier leaders of manufacturers in the folding bike industry. They’ve been around for decades and compete directly with Brampton, which is another big game in the industry. When you buy a Dahon bike, you can rest assured you’re getting high quality and guaranteed longevity in a bike.

Speed – There’s 7 different speed gears which are modeled after Shimano. A lot of large companies like to use Shimano gearing systems because the quality of the gears is superior to a lot of competitors out on the market today.

Convenient Storage – While the bike may look large at first, we found that it folded up relatively nicely and made a great carry on to a lot of different things such as a bus, a taxi and even an airplane if they allow it at your local airport. You’ll have to check ahead of time to make sure that they do because some airlines don’t.

Folding Mechanism – While the bike appears large when unfolded, this bike folds relatively easy and folds in a mere matter of seconds. It doesn’t take a lot of effort what so ever and can then be stored anywhere that allows a couple of feet of an item to be stored in.

The Stem – This bike has an adjustable stem that’s highly versatile. It doesn’t matter whether you’re only 5 feet tall (or even shorter) or you’re 6 feet tall, the stem will adjust to whatever height you need it to. Dahon is famous for adjusting stems to allow customization for people of abnormal sizes. People have never complained about having trouble touching the ground or their feet swinging while using the bike.


  • There’s seven different speeds on the bike so that you can ride with ease and you can ride according to your own preferences, whether you want a smooth brisk ride or you want to challenge yourself and build your leg muscle

  • There’s a nice seating post on the bike that will adjust to however you want it and people have reported that even up to 6’5 that there’s no issue adjusting the seating post to something comfortable for them

  • This bike is perfect if you have to ride the bus or do a daily commute as it folds up to a nice size and it’s very lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about carrying it around

  • The aluminum framework of the bike is not only durable but very versatile as well so you won’t have to worry about bending the frame or wear and tear from excessive use of the bike


  • The folding mechanism while it’s easy, does take a little bit of getting used to and it’s something you’ll have to figure out for yourself when you first get the bike

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Question)

Q: Where is this bike made?
A: Dahon makes the bike and it’s made in a factory in China, according to Dahon.

Q: What’s the maximum weight capacity of this bike?

A: While there are people who have rode this bike and had no trouble at 6’5, the majority of people will not fit that height and the maximum weight capacity is 230 pounds.

Q: Are the racks and the bumpers included with the bike?

A: Yes, upon purchase, you’ll receive the bumpers and the racks with the bike included for free and installed. You get exactly what you see when you order.


The white theme of the Ford bike is probably the best one as in our opinion, there are other colors that you can order of this particular folding bike but they don’t look too great. They would look fine without the Ford logo or if they’d at least let you customize the ford logo, but this isn’t the case. The bike is versatile, it’s high durability, it can go fast if you really push for it and we’d overall recommend this bike for high performance and convenience.

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