GTM 20inch 6 Speed Foldable Bike Shimano Hybrid

When it comes to GTM folding bikes, they’re known for a couple of different things when they’re designing their bikes. First, they always have a unique design that appears to have their own glow and kind of gloss effect. When you look at the 6 speed foldable Shimano hybrid design, it almost comes across as a high quality steel gloss effect. What about the price though? The price of the bike is the second thing we noticed because it’s relatively cheap and we actually expected it to be a lot higher than what it currently is.

Does this bike hold up against current market standards for the price it’s being sold at or is this a new marketing gimmick trick to get people to buy the bike? The wheels are another important factor to take into consideration and they’re only 20 inches so with the material being used for the framework, these wheels surely need to have some kind of stopping and acceleration power. They’re relatively thin wheels with a nice sleek grey ring on the outer edge of the wheel design and the spokes are grey as well. The rest of the bike like the seat, handlebars and pedals are all black with no distinct features.

GTM 20
GTM 20inch Folding bicycle

Design & Style

There’s not a lot to be said about the design but it does give off a rather glossy appearance when you look at it. It looks kind of like a car that just went through the car wash a few times and came out with a new shiny sparkle. This is probably because the folding frame’s material is made with highly durable steel material and was made to never bend. There’s quite a few speed settings on this bike and this comes in especially helpful when you take the fenders into consideration. They’re also sleek and shiny, giving off that nice glowing effect.

Comfort & Durability

While the overall gloss and design of this bike is shiny, how does it hold up in terms of durability and comfort for the rider? The seating isn’t the most comfortable we’ve ever come across but it’s still relatively comfortable. Remember, these types of folding bikes were primarily designed for getting to and from work, so you shouldn’t be riding up any kind of extreme terrain or anything that would test the limits of how much shock this bike can absorb. The handlebar positioning is superb as well, relieving any stress you’d normally have from other folding bikes which require you to lean in.

Why Should You Select This Folding Bike over Others

If you’re someone who buys folding bikes solely for their design alone, then you’re going to love this bike. It’s one of the shiniest bikes we’ve ever showcased and it’s a stunner on the roads. It can almost be quite blinding to people as you’re passing by and the sun glares off the reflective metal frame. Aside from the shiny unique design, this bike comes in as one of a kind when it comes to performance. The wheels only may be 20 inches but they’re pretty durable from what we’ve tested them on.

Everything about this bike was tuned like a well-oiled machine and that’s why we were so skeptical at first. When you see a bike that promises as much as this bike is promising but then you see the overall price being low $xxx, you can’t help but be skeptical of the overall performance of the bike. Thankfully, we didn’t have to worry about that with this bike as it lived up to expectations and then some. The pull brakes are also a nice touching feature to the bike as well.

Features of GTM 20 inch Folding bike

Shiny Design – One of the best things we like about this bike and it’s one of the most obvious things you’ll notice, is that this bike comes with a very shiny glossy like grey design. The metallic glare is almost mesmerizing and you’ll instantly fall in love with the beautiful design of the bike.

Folding Frame – The folding frame of the bike is relatively small and this is an important determining factor for us. When you fold your bike up, we want to make sure you can store it anywhere and it’s easy to carry around. The frame of this bike only comes in at 20 inches.

Premium Material – This bike is labeled as a premium quality bike from GTM as other GTM bikes and is only a fraction of the cost as some of the other self-proclaimed premium folding bikes out there. The materials used in the bike are very heavy duty and of great quality. This is also a contributing factor as to why the bike weighs 35 pounds, which is a bit heavier than other bikes on the market but still manageable.

Braking – This bike comes equipped with very powerful linear brakes. When you need to stop, you want to make sure you can stop both safely and on time. You don’t want to skid along for a few feet before you stop as this damages your tires and leaves you prone to running into something that you were trying to avoid doing while pulling your brakes. This is why the linear pull braking system will provide a lot of stopping power regardless of what kind of weather you’re riding in.


  • Has 6 different speeds for people looking for various levels of excitement and adventure in their challenges when they’re out and about riding

  • Folds in a couple of easy steps making it convenient for people who are always on the move, need to get somewhere in a hurry or for saving time in general

  • The folding frame of the bike only comes in at 20 inches meaning you can store it just about anywhere

  • Has a nice rear rack storage capacity area so that if you have an attachment for it, you can transport things to and from work or any other area that you would normally need a backpack for

  • Has incredible stopping power with linear brakes and doesn’t have any trouble getting momentum for speed as quick as possible

  • The plated silver gear protectors add for a little bit of extra design and gloss to the overall style and unique look of the bike

  • Comes equipped with rear and front fenders to help protect the bike from unnecessary damage


  • Like a lot of other products, especially GTM products, you want to pay attention to the quality of the pedals because they may not be of the highest quality

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the folding dimensions of this bike?

A: This bike does come a bit on the heavier side when it comes to the overall weight and the dimensions of the bike. When it’s fully folded up, it will be approximately 32 inches by 26 inches by 16 inches. It’s not exactly small but it’s still small enough that it can be carried around with ease.

Q: How much does this bike weigh?

A: This is more than likely the only negative thing about the bike because it does weigh a staggering 35 pounds where a lot of other folding bikes generally only weigh around 20 to 25 pounds, depending on the manufacturer and other factors of the bike.


This bike is a one of a kind and that’s not because other folding bikes don’t have the same level of quality as this bike but these kinds of bikes aren’t usually sold for this cheap. There aren’t many complaints and GTM seems to be going out of their way to give people a deal on this bike. It’s great for beginners, it fits a lot of different heights, a lot of different weights and the materials used on the bike are pretty high quality.

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