GTM 26″ Folding Mountain Bike 7 Speed

When we first saw this bike, we tried to come up with different in our head solutions as to how this bike would benefit us. When we look at the curve of the framework and how the different positions sit, we weren’t sure how exactly this was an optimal bike. However, it all makes sense and a lot of things are highly adjustable. One of the main things to note here is the pricing of this folding bike. This GTM 26inch mountain folding bike in particular is barely more than low $xxx and it’s fairly high quality for the pricing point. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

The next thing we noticed is that the tires are a bit large in appearance but only measure up to 26 inches, which really isn’t too uncommon in exercise or performance folding bikes. This bike wasn’t exactly built for inner-city travel as it doubles as a mountain bike. You can and should take this bike over mountain trails, hiking paths and rugged terrain because from the tires, to the suspension, to the design and the handling of the bike, it was built to handle such tasks. You won’t be let down and we really loved the suspension system of the bike.

GTM 26

Design & Style

When we look at the design of the bike, it was a little confusing at first. We didn’t understand how a design like that could possibly work or how it could really benefit anyone. However, when you’re going over rough terrain, you’ll learn really quickly just why the bike is designed like that. Also, the tires are a bit thicker than some of the other bikes we recommend which is great for handling rough terrain and making sure that you don’t slide around on rocky rugged areas. The suspension system is designed to be incredibly strong under intense pressure.

Comfort & Durability

When you look at this bike, you don’t necessarily see something that would be comfortable more than likely. You see something that would look like it hurts to sit on. However, we found just the opposite when we tested out this brand of bike and it’s actually relatively smooth and comfortable. One of the things that shocked us the most is that for the price, they seem to actually invest a lot into the comfort of their product, especially the shock absorber which seems to absorb any kind of impact that you throw at it.

Why Should You Select The GTM 26inch Folding Bike over Others

When you see a bike like this which looks like a high end performance folding bike, you might be a little bit skeptical over the price and you have every right to be. How does a folding bike with a suspension system, different speed settings, large performance wheels and the likes come at such a low pricing point? The answer? GTM. GTM is known for making quality folding bikes for a low price and this is one of those too good to be true deals that is actually true.

Everything from the folding steel frame to the suspension, this bike is one of a kind and comes highly recommended for any beginner looking to get into performance folding bikes. It won’t win any competitions and we don’t recommend taking it off-roading any time soon but when you sit on this bike, you’ll immediately feel the difference and why we recommend this bike in the first place. It’s highly durable, it’s great for performance, it’s athletic and it’s built to last for a very long time. It’s one of the smoothest rides we’ve ever experienced for the price that it’s being sold for.

Features of GTM 26inch mountain Folding Bike

Folding Frame – One of the key things about this bike is that it comes equipped with a very nice steel folding frame. The frame itself is high quality and it’s a 26 inch frame. When it’s folded up, you’ll be amazed at how such a large folding bike can be compacted into such a small form.

Suspension – One of the things we were also impressed with was the steel suspension system. It’s hard to find folding bikes today with steel suspension systems and when you do, they usually cost an arm and a leg. This bike not only manages to be high end performance but it also managed to attach a steel suspension system and doesn’t cost that much.

Weight – This bike was made for not only performance but convenience as well. When you’re carrying this bike around, you’ll notice just how lightweight it is and you can thank the tensile frame for that. The suspension fork and the tensile frame is relatively light.

Seating & Handlebars – People like to be able to customize their position for comfort and to help them with performance on their bike. The handlebars and both the seating position on this bike are easily customized for people of all various heights. This is great for all riders because with the large wheels, it’s harder for some people to get on the bike than others, even with the convenient kickstand.

Design – The overall design of the bike is relatively unique compared to other folding bikes on the market and comes in a nice black/red pitch. It complements the performance wheels perfectly and there’s nothing relatively off putting about the design of this bike. Also, there’s a rear fender that kind of hovers above the wheel that looks relatively cool and helps protect the bike.


  • Comes equipped with a nice foldable frame that’s made of steel and only measures up to 26 inches so it’s easy to fold up and store in a convenient place wherever you please

  • Comes with a high level suspension steel fork so that you shouldn’t feel the bumps or rough roads when you go over them and the suspension system was built to last

  • This bike comes packed with a lot of premium quality material and things used to build the inner-workings of the bike

  • The handlebars and the seat post on the bike are adjustable to make room for people of any height, whether they’re short or tall, so that everyone can enjoy the bike

  • The frame while it’s built of steel is also high tensile which makes it lightweight yet still keeps that durable touch to the bike so that it doesn’t bend or wear down easily

  • Picks up speed relatively quick with the 7 different speed settings and allows riders to flawlessly glide up hills


  • This is more of an entry bike than anything and while it’s pretty high quality, it’s more recommended for the novice rider

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Exactly how long are the tires on this bike?

A: The tires are relatively large but they’re also very strong. The tires come in at approximately 26 inches by 1.95 inches in depth so that they were made for performance.

Q: What’s the maximum weight capacity of this bike?

A: This bike is made from tensile material steel and is built for heavy duty. With that being said, it still has limits and can only withstand a weight of up to 230 pounds.

Q: Pictures of the bike show no pedals, does it come with its own pedals?

A: Yes, some slight assembly is required but it’s relatively easy and usually done within a couple of minutes. The pedals do come with the bike and everything you need also comes with the bike.


The rear fender is in a rather unique position from what we see on other folding bikes but it’s practical and does the job it’s supposed to. The grooves of the tire are high quality and will gain traction on just about any kind of surface. We recommend this bike to everyone no matter what the cause for the bike is. This bike is highly durable and comes with a lot of performance packed inside.

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