Iped Folding Bike Review

iPed folding bikes are the innovation in the market. They are easily folded and can run on any type of terrain. If you love to own a bike, then iPed folding bike is a groundbreaking option for you that won’t take a lot of space in the home and is ideally perfect for those living in condominiums, dormitory rooms, apartments and in houses with limited space availability. I know it can be awful when you are limited on space and that is restricting you to get your delightful thing. But that won’t be a problem from now on because the iPed folding bike is the only solution to overcome the limitations of space.

i-Ped Folding Bike | Discourse

Owning an iPed bike means there won’t be any awkward situations in the storage area. Those not having a garage often face the issue of storage and also traveling. Having the best iPed folding bike would kick both the delinquents. The bike itself is named as “i-Ped Folding Bike” on Amazon and is nonetheless a highly-innovated bicycle that is worth your hard earned money. You can fold it and carry it through the subways or even store it in the rear trunk of the car and carry it on your trips and journeys.

iped folding bike

The frame used in iPed folding is highly durable and has been constructed out of pure steel making it a more economical option for you. If you are a bike enthusiast and love to ride the bike on weekends and especially during vacations on some adventurous routes, then the iPed folding bike is all what you need to satisfy the hunger of the internal cyclist within you.

Below, I have shared in details some of the prominent features of the iPed Folding Bike along with its price, pros, and cons. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and read through.

i-Ped Folding Bike | In-depth Review

As mentioned earlier, the iPed bike is ready to take you anywhere you want. It is somewhere between the road bikes and mountain bikes with an efficient performance and durability. You can go on the cross country roads or enjoy the uphill and downhill cycling experience. It can endure high-speed, bumpy roads, and obstacles and can withstand relatively more weight as compared to the standard folding bikes.

iped folding bike

1: Design

The iPed folding bike has a solid & durable steel frame that doesn’t add a lot of weight as well. You can easily fold and carry it anywhere you want. The company has beautifully summed up the entire structure and made it perfect. For reducing the resistance, there is a bit of pressure on the narrow tires. This gives you a smooth ride. The hand is kept high with the seat being low. This keeps your body in a comfortable position. There is back carrier as well to carry along some extra luggage with you. You can adjust the seat’s height easily, but I recommend to use the way it came out of the box. That is an ideal height for all individuals.

2: Wheel Size

As mentioned earlier, the iPed Folding Bike lies between the road and mountain bikes. For this reason, its wheel size is 26” and is ideally perfect to take you any terrain you want. This gives you a strong grip on the roads and also helps in bringing the bike to equilibrium with ease. Moreover, its users say that we find it easier during the uphill and downhill rides on the iPed Folding Bike.

3: Folding Time

Unlike most of the traditional folding bikes take several minutes to fold with some complex mechanism, the iPed Folding Bike hardly takes a few seconds, probably less than a minute to fold and unfold. This saves you time! Also when folded its dimensions are 35” x 11” x 31” that is perfect to store anywhere you want.

4: Frame

I was expecting it to be an aluminum frame, but the company had embedded it with a solid steel frame that does add a bit of extra weight to the bike but also gives it a great durability and grip on the roads. You can easily carry it on walking distances such as subways or metro stations.

5: Weight

Despite featuring a steel frame and overall being a full sized bike, the iPed Folding Bike weighs only 15 KG or 34 lbs. This makes it easier for you to carry the bike easily.

6: Speed

For a thrilling experience and a smooth ride, the iPed Folding Bike features six speed Shimano. You can easily change the gears as per your needs and pedal the bike at your optimum speed level you want.

7: Durability

Not to mention that iPed Folding Bike is highly durable and is officially accredited by Cycle Source Group as well. All of its equipment and tools used are durable and can withstand the harshness of any terrain.

iped folding bike

iPed Bike | Summary of Features

  • Officially produced by JEEP and accredited by Cycle Source Group.
  • Han a steel frame of original platinum midnight blue color.
  • Aluminum handlebar and 20-inch rim also made of aluminum.
  • Back carrier.
  • Front and rear mudguards.
  • Gives a comfortable ride on any type of terrain you go to.
  • Highly durable with an incredible performance.
  • Comes with 6 Shimano Speed for a thrilling experience.
  • Smooth gear changing mechanism.
  • 26” wheels perfect to ride on smooth and bumpy roads with a gripped up and down hill rides.
  • No compromise on quality.
  • Superb performance and exactly what you expect.
  • An affordable solution.
  • A guidebook comes along with your product that explains how to fold properly and unfold it. You can find it in the compendium.


  • The handlebar can’t be adjusted.
  • Back carrier seems a bit delicate. Don’t put a lot of weight on it.


Overall, the iped folding bike is a great bargain for you and comes at a very reasonable price. It has a nice and sleek design with an excellent performance that gives you a great riding experience on your favorite terrains. Check out its price and more details on Amazon.

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