We took Montague Paratrooper for a Ride!

Montague Paratrooper Pro Review

The 27-Speed Montague Paratrooper Pro is an unusually stylish masterpiece that is specifically designed to serve mountain biking experience and for sole benefit of military personnel. The grant for this beauty has been issued by Pentagon. In this Montague Paratrooper Pro Review we took this bike for a long ride and un-earthed an in-depth montague paratrooper pro review for bike lovers. Check it out.

[box type=”download”] The Paratrooper Pro is made with precise details specifically to suit military needs. It cannot only just pass through events like dropping of a plane with the help of a parachute; but it is also capable of transporting a fully equipped soldier through mountainous terrain. There is no other product that features such excellent build quality and high-class performance. However, like all the other good things; this one also comes with a price and that price is $995, which is slightly expensive given the features it offers.[/box]

Montague Paratrooper Pro | Our Test & Results

What do you think is the best folding bike in the market? Well, the Montague Paratrooper Pro Review has marked its position as number 6 amongst all the other bikes that are mentioned in our list of Top 10 Best Folding Bikes.

The focal point of this one is its folding frame design that comes with patent FIT (Folding Integrated Technology). It comprise of the 7005 Series aluminum tubing aircraft grade and offers a unique design that prevents main frame from the breakage. This also implies that this bike does not possess any center weak point at any joint of the frame. The product does not belong to those exaggerated and gimmicky technology that exist just to boost the sales. It is an innovative product with body measurements specifically designed to address the issues faced by traditional bikes. The entire concept has its basis on the bikes that are meant to be used in suspension mode downhill mountains; therefore, it is meant to be light weighted and to have strong and flexible folding points to facilitate its features. It is amongst one of the folding bikes that come with strongest frame and weigh around 13 kg of total, which is approximately equal to 29lbs.

Amongst all the other features, the bike can easily be fold and de-assembled in less than 20 seconds with efficiency. The process of dissembling takes place by removal of the front tire through its Montague’s Patented ‘CLIX’ System. Since the product include disk brakes in it, therefore, it eliminates the entire hassle of detaching brakes. Once you have passed the step, you can pull quick release that happens to be on the top of frame. After this, you would need to pull off the pin, which enables frame’s rear section to fold.

The bike is available in two different colors: Olive Green and Matte Black. The Green version of the bike tends to project an “army” appearance. However, the paint finish of this product justifies its price and worth, as it costs around $1000. In order to enhance its aesthetic appeal, makers have incorporated limited branding on frame. The size of bike’s frame is considerable as it is expected to be a complete and full-sized mountain bike that comes it 18” and 20” of frame. Given its large size, the bike is highly difficult to be transported through trains, metros or buses for that matter. This bike is specifically made for those who aspire to reach office without having to halt at any stop, or do not have enough space at home to accumulate any other means of transport; or for those who simply love to bike around the city. The bike comes with strong disk brakes to ensure safety and efficiency in specifically off-road biking and downhill cycling. Other than this, the Paratrooper Pro also comes with the Tektro Novels’s back and front for the sake of providing excellent performance.

The CST Critter Tires of this bike are not as much of efficiency on road as you may have expected; however they are sufficient enough as fast rolling off-road tire. This implies that the product is specifically manufactured to fill in the need of off-road riding. These tires have received much appreciation and great reviews because of being premium tires, as well as they tend to offer great grip in wet roads.

The bike comes with SR Suntour XCM HLO Forks that includes suspension lock-out. This implies that anytime in between the ride you can halt the forks by locking the suspension. The purpose of this is to move the ride faster with minimalistic efforts.

Not only this, but the bike also includes an approximately 100mm suspension which makes it more convenient. However, it lacks the adjustment feature for the rebound. Even though the seat is made adjustable for your ease; the product does not offer adjustable handlebar. This implies that extended rides may cause a bit of inconvenience and uncomfortableness for those who are either too tall or too short. Furthermore, its grip is considerably thinner, which does not project much sturdiness as much as it is expected to. This is one of the aspect that might require an upgrade. On the other hand, for the most perfect and pleasurable mountain biking or downhill riding experience, the saddle is kept comfortable. But most of those people who would use this product as a mean of transportation in their daily lives may consider it as uncomfortable or narrow for long distances. The bicycle comes in a complete packaged as a fully-assembled model, and all you have to do is attach the front wheel and pedals to it.

The Montague bike was tested over after a couple of heavy rainy-days in the local woodland trails. Upon the arrival to the woods, the entire time duration required to assemble the bike covered as 30 seconds. You can fully assure that the product has been safely assembled when you hear the frame snap. In order to provide additional security, makers have incorporated CLIX quick release system on front wheel, which tends to provide it a more solid feel.

montague paratrooper pro review Update: After reviewing this bike for a time, there appeared an intermittent issue with the brake whenever the front wheel was detached. The disk brakes also required attention and minimalistic adjustment in regards with its calibration for about 30% of times. Even though these may not be as much concerning for people who use it occasionally; but for those who intend to make use of it on daily basis may find this annoying and irritating.[/box]

On the other hands, the tires have great performance in functioning at slippery mud. The climbing was sufficient enough- which – considering the price-tag it carries, it is expected to be much lighter than this. While going down the trails experience is much better and smoother. The response of this bike is considerably high along with strong and firm handling. Even though the suspensions are in great shape, but lack quick response. But this can be regarded as a negligible issue, as most of the buyers would not be hard-core downhill riders. Since the bike has specifically been designed for military personnel, it tends to handle all the difficulties that comes in its way. Along this, the bike has easy-to-shift gears that can handle anything and suits every rider. For the pricing of around $1000, the pedals of this bike were not good enough, as your wet feet may tend to slip off them.


Final Verdict: The Montague Paratrooper Pro is one of the most fascinating and purposeful full-sized bike. Not only it has been built with most innovative design, but also provide its consumers with unforgettable experience. Even though it lacks in some features, however, it is amongst the most recommended bikes that are efficient in both, looks and performance.


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