Schwinn Loop Folding Bike

This kind of bike doesn’t often enter the marketplace and when it does, it usually doesn’t stay in stock long. Schwinn is one of those companies that loves to create designs for their folding bikes that tend to turn heads. This design is unlike anything we’ve seen before and while we couldn’t really figure out the distinct advantages of the design, some people believe that because of the bottom half sitting lower to the ground, it gives the bike more speed from the get go. This is an unverified claim but it was a unique and cool design none the less.

The fenders on the bike stand out pretty well and we noticed that Schwinn has decided to incorporate their logo on the bike to make sure we know where it’s from. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of the folding bikes you manufacturer because Dahon is definitely famous for doing this exact same thing. The bike is only 20 inches when folded which is really great for storage and carrying convenience, so this was a must try for us to see if it stood out far enough to be on our top list of folding bikes.

Schwinn Loop Folding Bike
Schwinn Folding Bike full phont

Design & Style

This design is relatively striking and isn’t like something you see every day at a folding bike shop. First, you’ll immediately notice the mid frame of the bike and how the curve goes. The frame was built to curve in the middle which seems to originate from handlebars and lead down to the pedals before it eventually curves up again. Is there any exact reasoning for this other than being unique? We’re not sure but it’s relatively cool design. The fenders with their grey polish stand out as well on the rear and front wheels.

Comfort & Durability

While we can’t really confirm or deny that the overall design has any kind of impact on the durability of the bike or the overall comfort, this folding bike is relatively comfortable compared to a lot of other bikes out there today. The seat is surprisingly comfortable, even though it looks like a typical bike seat. We were actually quite impressed with the comfort level when sitting down and it doesn’t feel like a seat that will put a lot of pressure on your lower back the longer you ride. The overall leaning required though may put a tiny strain on your back but the seat is still comfortable.

Why Should You Select This Folding Bike over Others

There’s a lot of reasons that some people prefer to get a Schwinn bike over other particular types of bikes out there. The first reason is that Schwinn likes to come up with unique designs like this bike. When you look at this bike, the unique curve of the framework and design is arguably the very first thing you’ll notice. Also, while it does come in a dark shade for the frame, you’ll easily notice the grey painted fenders and the chain guard. Aside from the framework, this kind of folding bike doesn’t offer a lot in terms of style.

The real value of the bike is in the performance. It’s very smooth when you’re out and commuting and the ride is so smooth, it’s almost like being in a real chair. The overall comfort level of the bike is why we can recommend this bike over quite a few of the other bikes out there on the market, especially for commuting. If you need something to get you to and from work, this is one of the best bikes you can get and best purchasing decisions you can make.

Top Features of Schwinn Loop Folding bike

The Fold – One of the most important things we like to look at when determining what would make a great commuting folding bike is the overall size of the fold. We were quite impressed with the fold in this bike as it totaled a mere 20 inches, which makes it great for carrying onto a bus, a taxi or anywhere else that will allow it.

The Frame – Aside from the design as that’s purely a matter of opinion, one benefit of the design of the frame is that it allows for people to get on and off the bike relatively easy. For tall people and short people, this is an added bonus and the frame sits relatively low to the ground.

The Linear Brakes – Having brakes that can stop at moment’s notice is very important to us. If we feel that a folding bike has poor quality brakes, we simply would never recommend that bike. This bike comes equipped with alloy linear brakes which means that when you need to stop and you hit those brakes, you’re going to stop right there. Of course, this is without the fear of tumbling over when you hit the brakes as some bikes can be a little bit on the jerky side.

Easy Hill Travelling – While this is primarily a commuting bike, there are 7 different speeds that were designed to help you get up hills and challenging obstacles. You won’t encounter this a lot in the city but there’s a lot of people who travel from a little bit outside the city and this bike is perfect for those uneven roads given the various speed settings.

Storage – There’s a nylon bag included as well if you need to carry or store things. This makes up for the lack of a rear storage rack which is usually included on certain folding bikes. The nylon bag holds a lot of things and is very durable.


  • Come with a free nylon bag on your purchase and allows you to store things while you’re travelling

  • The bike also comes with a nice lifetime warranty in case you’re worried about customer service or anything ever happening to the bike

  • There’s a drive train that allows you to select from 7 different speeds to either help you build momentum or travel up challenging terrain you might come across in your travels

  • The alloy braking system is high quality and allows for maximum stopping power, no matter what kind of reason you come across for needing to stop in a hurry

  • The frame was built for not only durability in mind but it was also built so that people could get on and off the bike easily in a hurry


  • The amount of effort required when pedaling might be a bit more than some of the other bikes on our list because the wheels are a bit smaller and the pedals aren’t exactly the highest quality

Frequent Asked Question

Q: Can people that have a height of over 6’ ride this bike comfortably?

A: Yes, this bike was built for people of all different heights in mind. If you’re over 6’, you should be able to fit on the seat and reach the pedals just fine without any excessive knee bending or complaints.

Q: How much does this bike weigh?

A: This bike isn’t the heaviest bike out there but it also isn’t the lightest. The approximate weight of this bike when it’s folded up is only 28 pounds, which is great for most people.

Q: Can this bike fit into luggage?

A: The problem with fitting this into luggage is going to be the handlebars and it will prove problematic. Also, some airlines will be alarmed at the sight of a metal folding bike in your bags and might ask you questions. Some airlines don’t allow it all.


This is a unique designed bike with a lot of packing power for performance. It’s a great bike for commuting and getting from destination A to B. The nylon bag may not be the best quality bag but it’s free and makes up for the lack of a storage rack. The brakes are high quality and we’d definitely recommend this bike to anyone commuting.

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