Shimano Folding Bike Review

Shimano is one of the largest producer of Shimano Folding Bike and has a great reputation in the market with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. The brand is well-known for manufacturing lightweight, elegant, fine quality and foldable bikes at an affordable price.

One of the best folding bike models of Shimano is the Tempest 20” Folding Cycle, and it comes with some distinctive features to pump up your riding experience. It has a durable metal frame and offers a smooth ride on any type of terrain. The folding mechanism is swift and hardly takes a few seconds to fold and unfold the bike and allows you to store it at anyplace you want to.

Shimano Folding Bike | Tempest 20 Inch Reviews

shimano folding bike

The Tempest 20” Folding Bike is an ideal option for who are looking for great quality and affordable price in a single product. For under $300, you have the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious ride with great features and light weight. Undoubtedly it one of the best bicycle ever manufactured by Shimano that offers a great combination of flexibility and features that enhance your riding experience.

Here is a detailed review of the Tempest 20” Folding Bike in which I have highlighted its core features.

Shimano Folding Bike | Features Highlight

  • Comes with six different speed options to choose from.
  • Has the Rear Rack & Fenders Installed.
  • Enough gears that help you in riding at an optimum speed level on any type of surface
  • A perfect bicycle for those who love to travel.
  • Light in weight and has a compact design.
  • Features a Shimano Revo Twist Shifter to change the gears smoothly.
  • It takes a few seconds to fold or unfold and the frame is designed to handle with ease.
  • Durable steel frame weighing only 12 Kilos.
  • Perfect smooth city roads and even on bumpy or mountainous terrains.


  • A few users find it a bit heavier to handle.
  • The handle is not adjustable. You have to cope with the current height.
  • The seat is adjustable but seems to slip even if tightly fitter in place.

1: Wheel Size

The Tempest 20” Folding Bike has a wheel size of 20 inches which is ideally perfect to go on any terrain. Although it seems a bit small when combined with the overall maneuverability of the bike it perfectly complements the riding style. I recommend that you should go for a test ride on a smooth terrain and then check its capabilities on the bumpy roads and mountainous areas.

2: Design

The design is unique and exceptional as well. You can choose among different color options of the frame including the white, blue, silver and a few others. The handle has been built at a suitable height that makes it comfortable for you to ride it with ease. You can also adjust the seat that is well-padded for comfortable long journeys. Also, it features a back carrier to store some extra luggage or a bag with you.

3: Comfort

The Tempest 20” Folding Bike was made to give you the ease of riding it and feel comfortable on short and long journeys. Also, its lightweight makes it ideal both for male and female. Overall it has a smart design that makes it comfortable for all types of riders to hold it.

4: Durability

Although the bike is light in weight and may seem delicate at the very first glance, it is a killer one with a durable construction. Its frame is built to withstand the harshness of the tough terrains, and you can easily carry your bike wherever you want to. However, the time to time maintenance is something necessary to keep your Tempest 20” Folding Bike running and long lasting.

5: Performance

Overall it has a great performance and gives you the ease of using it. You’ll be pleased with the handling the bars and folding it or carrying it to the metros, subways or anywhere else you want. While a few users say that the saddle of the seat needs to be replaced but more than 95% users are satisfied with its performance. The front and back tires are strong enough to roll on the bumpy terrains and even go up the hill with ease. You’ll simply have a flawless ride for many miles.

6: Folding Time

Unlike most of the folding bikes that take a hell lot of time to fold or unfold, the Tempest 20” Folding Bike can be folded just under a minute. Of course, you’ll need to get familiar with the folding mechanism that can be found in the instruction manual that comes along with it.

7: Weight

I was quite impressed with its weight. Despite having a steel frame that is usually heavy and tough the bike still weighs only 27 pounds which is pretty much same as that of an aluminum frame. This gives you the convenience of carrying it for longer distances with ease. A lot of users were happy with its light weight features as it allowed them to handle it quite easily on walking distances.

8: Speed

Having a single speed and that too on a folding bike can make your ride pretty boring. This is why Shimano introduced six different speed options to have a great and a thrilling experience on your journeys. Also, these six different speed options allow you to adjust your pedaling power as per the needs of the terrain you are traveling onto.

shimano folding bike


In contrast to several other folding bikes, the Tempest 20” Folding Bike is one of the finely constructed ones with a stronger frame and offers a thrilling journey to wherever you go. It seems to be a great option for anyone who is looking for an affordable folding bike with some great features packed inside. Of course, you will need to be vigilant about its maintenance and time to time checkups such as chain oil or rims, etc. else it is a perfect model for you. Check out its price and more details on Amazon.

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