Zeny Shimano 20″ 26″ 7 Speed Folding Bike

Zeny is a company that’s not well known among the public when it comes to folding bikes but we wanted to take some time to investigate their bikes and one in particular, the 20 inch 7 speed folding mountain bike. Finding a quality folding mountain bike is a bit hard to do today because most folding bikes aren’t made for trails and rugged terrain. However, Zeny has pushed the limits and offered a budget friendly bike that can do just that. While it only comes in at 6 different speeds, we found that the speeds definitely tested limits and kept us on our toes.

So what makes this bike so special and gives it a place on the top list of folding bikes? First, there’s the nice glossy design that gives it a special kind of glowing effect and then there’s the overall performance of the bike. The performance is what captivated our attention the most because that’s what’s most important ultimately when you’re picking out a folding bike for taking on trails or a mountain. When you look at this bike at first glance, you won’t notice any distinguishable features and when the light is shining on it, it’s hard to make out the logo because the framework is very shiny.

Zeny Folding bike

Design & Style

As said previously, the overall design and framework of this bike gives off a very glossy and shiny look. This bike shines really brightly when it’s hit by the sun or when it’s in the light. This can be great for night time biking as well, as it does include some reflectors in the wheels. The overall framework is relatively stable and seems straight but with a slight curve right where the gears and pedals connect to the frame. They also managed to attach their brand logo onto the bike to let you know who they are.

Comfort & Durability

As for the overall durability of the bike, the framework is made of highly potent quality material that will ensure the bike has a long lifespan, regardless of what you do with it. It’s a mountain bike after all and it was made to go over terrain that over bikes can’t. So what about the overall comfort of the bike? The seat doesn’t really feel like a seat and doesn’t leave an after burn effect that most bikes leave. The comfort of the ride is very smooth as well. The seating position is comfortable and easily adjustable to your standards.

Why Should You Select This Folding Bike over Others

This bike isn’t for everyone however. We don’t recommend this bike for brand new beginners who are looking for a bike that gets them to and from work every day because the overall design of the bike wasn’t exactly meant for that. While this bike can be used in the city, we’d recommend this bike to anyone who’s looking for a budget friendly solution to a mountain bike. This bike surpasses a lot of other mountain folding bikes on the market at the moment and it only costs a fraction of the price.

We also recommend this bike because of the different speed settings and how easily they transition from speed to speed. It’s hard to find such a smooth transition from the shifter in the different folding bikes in the market today. Remember, this is a touchy market because folding bikes originally, especially in the last two decades weren’t particularly made for off-roading or any kind of rough play. This folding bike is made from a heavy framework and is sure to last you decades as long as you take care of it. We also recommend this to anyone who’s tall as this bike post can be adjusted up to 42 inches in height.

Features Zeny Shimano Folding bike

Seat Post Features – This folding bike comes with a highly adjustable folding seat post as anyone who’s short can adjust the post to be down to 24 inches and anyone who’s tall can adjust the post to be up to a staggering 42 inches. This makes room for anyone who needs a short or tall folding mountain bike.

Assembly Free – One of the great things about this bike is that it’s completely assembly free. One thing we and a lot of other people hate is how you have to assemble folding bikes as they come shipped to you but thankfully, this is one of those bikes that come without that hassle.

Easy Fold Mechanics – If you have the patience to wait a few seconds to fold a bike and be able to do it in a couple of simple steps, you’ll love this folding bike. This bike folds up in a couple of small steps and folds into a tiny fraction of its original size. This is great for convenient storage.

Hand Brakes – For safety precautions and performance, this bike includes not only front but rear handbrakes as well for when you need to stop on a dime. When you’re mountain biking, you can encounter certain parts of the terrain that require you to make sudden stops and you need to be ready for that.

Wheels – The wheels of the bike are 20 inches and these bikes also come with a 22 inch wide chrome plated alloy handle bar. The material of the handlebar allows people to steer easily and allows people to feel at ease with the amount of control they have while riding this folding bike.


  • Comes with 6 different speeds that allows people to travel up to a speed they’re comfortable with or allows people to travel at a slow speed that allows a brisk safe travelling

  • The handle bars are made of chrome alloy which are highly durable materials and won’t break on impact if you ever manage to wipe out or fall on the bike

  • The quick release seat post is another favorite feature of ours on the bike as it goes anywhere from a minimum 24 inches to a massive 42 inches, meaning, it can accommodate just about any size as long as you’re not 8 feet tall

  • The bike folds relatively easy, far easier than a lot of other bikes we’ve tried and tested on the current market

  • The shiny allow steel framework allows for high durability and means your folding bike will last through thick and thin as it was built to be taken over highly versatile terrain


  • Early reports of people receiving the bike said they received the bike without any air in the tires but these reports are unverified and there’s no way to currently verify them

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does this folding bike weigh?

A: While the materials used might seem like this would put the bike at a disadvantage in terms of weight, the bike actually only weighs approximately 31 pounds

Q: What’s the weight capacity of this bike?

A: While this bike does support tall people, it’s recommended that people be under 250 pounds for the maximum weight capacity limits.

Q: How is this folding bike shipped?

A: When you receive this bike, it’ll come in a folded box and almost ready to ride. A little bit of tweaking or assembly might be required to get going but all the tools necessary are required and it’s easy to get going


We rate this bike highly based on mostly the design and the framework durability rather than the performance. It’s not the best performance bike out there but it’s definitely up there because it stands up to the test compared to other mountain folding bikes on the market. We’re also impressed with the seat cushioning and how durable it is as well. This is especially important for people who ride on rocky roads a lot.

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